My Romantic heart is Dead

This maybe the last piece I will ever write on love; as my quest has been tumultuous and time consuming and has led to no fruition. I achieved nothing in this quest except the bitter truth that love is not enough.

The reality is that love works under certain conditions for it to be true, timing must be appropriate, family has to approve (if not you both feel shunned), history at least for the girl must be the barest minimum, your occupation should be noble and your background should be similar or close enough.

New requirements include social media status, the number of likes on the girls page should be equal to that of her mans, society approval of compatibility is key, don’t forget music lovers must stick together #Artgang

What happened to soul compatibility?

What happened to the honesty of a kiss that’s unadulterated by lust?

What happened to the clear indications of happiness? Talking to that person forever and not noticing time fly by?

What happened to hugs that warm up your heart?

What happened to similar hunger to succeed?

What happened to the quest for knowledge and renewed passion?

What happened to true friendship?

What happened to someone who makes you feel safe by saying hello. What happened to what we feel?

Are we all destined to be cowards? Where are the poets? Who wrote sonnets of unrequited love, what happened to Shakespeare’s tale? Is romance dead with the jet age or are our hearts too weak to fight for what we feel?

Am I the only one clueless on the joke? Is true love dead?   The answer doesn’t matter I am all out of tricks and I am laying my heart to rest for only my unborn will ever reawaken her to the maximum capacity. no man’s words, caresses will ever inspire her resurrection.

I am Florence Warmate and my romantic heart is dead.


9 thoughts on “My Romantic heart is Dead

  1. Well that’s sad…
    1. You suck at running (obviously)
    2. Apparently you suck at walking too.

    When we got back from running in the rain you were long gone.

    So here’s my number…(space and comma separated because fuck MTN junk messages)

    0 ,8 , 1, 0, 8, 9, 0, 0, 6, 7, 2

  2. Love used to be enough, but not anymore , people judge you by your looks, by the clothes you put on, by the car your drive, by how good you can rant, love doesn’t count anymore since sex become so cheap to get. As for me ,am not giving up on love yet because it’s the only geniue thing you can give to anyone that crossess your path no matter the sexuality , No matter how old, no matter how beautiful or ugly , rich or poor the individual is…….

  3. Epic! Heartbreak inspires greatness. The truth is you fall so low that the only way from there is up up up!

    Re 2nd to the last sentence: Does this mean there is a probability a woman can inspire it’s resurrection?

  4. Really
    Some things Just never die
    Maybe the reason is that LOVE is meant to be simple, selfless and UNCONDITIONAL.
    But we humans make it complicated

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