It wasn’t a day to find love . The sky wasn’t blue , there were no warm winds , absolutely nothing subtle about this day. Cassie had just gotten off work and her soles hurt from her stiletto heels but as mama says ‘no one marries a woman in flats ‘. Sigh , mama and her old maid tales .  She wore khaki chinos pants and a white see through shirt . Mac lipstick fusion pink . She didn’t want to be bothered as she walked to her car .  Of course it’s a c-class mint black Benz after 8 years in corporate this is the least she could do .

Jc drove into the car park looking for the perfect spot for a quick exit . That’s when he saw her 5ft 11 inches , athletic build , caramel skin and a decent behind (he smiled)  … So he drove right to her and said hello ?

Hmmm … Seriously , she said in her mind . It’s been a while a guy wasn’t subtle in his approach of her . She ignored his hello . He pulled the brakes opened the door and walked to her and smiled . She took a double whiff of his perfume (damn , its been a while she had a man so she smiled back) it helped that he’s at least 6ft 1 , light skinned , chiseled body . His black T-shirt hugged him like it was body armor . He was in the office lot to pick up his friend .

The exchanged numbers and that’s how it all began .. the chronicles of jc and cassie …to be continued

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