Why work? I don’t know why? For some people it is because it defines them, gives them a sense of purpose. I know without it,  we would have an enormous amount of time to spend with those we love:  what if we discover their flaws? .

Work enables us pay bills and become responsible adults (whatever that means). Does work matter ?  should the type of work you do matter?

why work though ? i know it maybe easier for me to con some pot-bellied businessman to take care of me for the rest of my life (lol, those who know me well will laugh while others may say, ” How can a feminist think this? ” ) I wont go into how a housewife can be a feminist: blablabla but it is a conversation for some other time.

If money weren’t a factor what would you do for a living? Most people I ask say writer, artist, musician, and producer etc.. They speak of the arts and for the non-dreamers say they just need work in a structured organization. All work is work. This has taken some time for me to understand. How is a doctor not more important than a gateman?

Imagine getting home and having to open the gate? (Not a nightmare right?) What if it was raining cat and dogs? (It would be nice to have someone open the gate right?).

Lets not neglect the house helps, oh my favourite the handyman who provide a service that most husbands and boyfriends no longer need to do to prove they are the man of the house (I have a handyman that does all my electrical stuff and plumbing and he is always available, I like that he solves these little things for me, so when I date a man I am not worried if he knows how to change a light bulb).

That is why the twitter food debate makes me laugh; if only cooking and cleaning made women suitable wives, i know for a fact that I wont have any single friends. There is always something else which is more important than chores or food  but on social media we can go on and on about stuff . Maybe I will tweet later today (a man who can’t install a ceiling fan is that a man?) (Just for laughs, evil grin emoji).

Summary #Allworkmatters, even if it’s not a job you like.

Why do you work? That’s a deep question? A question I hope this post makes you ask yourself.


Why : sHOES?

Shoes are everything, yes I am not Carrie Bradshaw , but every “sex and the city ” fan knows that without the shoes that movie was just about four women trying to find love in New York.

Flat shoes are very comfortable, round or pointed. Gloss or suede they do the job. It is sister Mary. She’s the catholic girl next door. She’s good but you don’t approach her if you don’t want anything serious.

Boots, these require a certain level of attention, for there are those who buy boots just for winter. There are others who know a well-worn boots under a dress or wrapped around the perfect pair of jeans can make men stare for days.

Strappy sandals, every girl’s best friend she is available for casual Saturdays under the summer dress and she’s available to go for weddings with you. She is your main girl. Lets not forget how she makes you look fragile yet classy for all your important dates.

High heeled Shoes:  Red, pink, blue, bursting summer yellow, grey or gold. There’s an extra to you as a lady once you put on heels. It doesn’t let you slouch or look like you didn’t make an effort. She makes you sexy, she is the mother hen of shoes: peep toes, wedges, and pointy shoes. She is your mum; she commands respect. She grooms you for work, for business casual, for that conference, for church and for life.

So why shoes? I say why not.

Labels and why , oh HI !! …

I always was a sucker for labels. To be identified as good, smart, intelligent, sexy, and witty. The constant need to be the perfect woman and get everyone’s approval. Whew!! It was stressful; the journey of people pleasing is so exhausting. Do you know why? Nothing is ever enough, you are kind and people think your kindness is a scam to manipulate them. You are generous and they may think you are trying to buy their affection .You are happy, you may have a secret lover.

Screw label’s, I am a weirdo. Sometimes, I am overly loud and say and do inappropriate things. Other times, I am the patron saint of love. I am unusually kind, forgiving and amiable.

Who/what makes us care about labels? We are labelled from an early age, in playgroup, that’s the shy kid, that’s the vibrant kid. In high school, the labels are: popular kid, smart kids, loose kids, born again, etc. You are the bully or you are getting bullied. Or God forbid the untouchable cool kids. Those we all want to be but love to hate. They do the most on Instagram (i.e perfect posts by the beach #waves, #summer vibes) .

Please we all drink coffee and I know it’s the Holy Grail to you but a morning run, or any workout gives you the same feeling. You don’t see a lot of #greentea posts without the chill vibes; coffee drinkers will make you believe they are zombies before coffee (I know I will get backlash for this, you guys will be ok). Yes, we tea lovers need to start a movement.

I haven’t written in a while but I am back now. I thought I was hiding behind words and not living but that was the opposite. The keyboard is the truth; I am the most authentic when I write. It doesn’t matter what people label you as; but it’s important to know whom you are and own it. That’s how you become whole.

What’s your label? Embrace, it. Except you are: a F**CK Boy, a Stalker, a con artist etc. . You need to find another label.

For the rest of us weirdos, see you tomorrow. Oh, I’m going to do a why series? Who knows why?



MAN ( a dying race…)

First of all, this post is meant to incite a reaction in the reader irrespective of the gender and if it doesn’t I as a student of life have failed on the task.

A man in the context of this post is not defined by the possession of a male reproductive organ or a woman as one with the ability to produce children. Who is a Man? What qualifies one to be called a man?

In children books and fairy tales a Man is a hero, the one who saves the damsel in distress (Cinderella, Rapunzel etc.).

In comics like superman, batman and my recent favourite “V”: a super hero is a citizen who is ordinary yet willing to do the unthinkable to create a future where everyone is rid of corruption and dishonesty.

In the Movie 300, a boy is trained on how to become a man, he is put through tests and at last he becomes a man like his father and those before him. He is trained to defend and survive.

In the past, men were defined by their craft: swordsman, blacksmith, farmer, trader, teacher, postman, worker (civil servant), a medicine man, a preacher etc.  When a man came to ask for a woman’s hand he explained his craft and how he could provide for her and how she could assist him.

Pause, this isn’t limited to money, I am talking about self worth, pride, integrity and a future. There used to be a distinction from being a boy or an adult with a male reproductive organ.

I was at boots the other day; the sales assistant was a father. His wife and kids were in store shopping & I knew this because the boy walked up to him and said “ dad I want to grow up and work here like you” and his father said “no”. The son had a puzzled look and said “why?” and the father said, “Because I wont let you”.

I know the economic situation is not favourable and people are getting retrenched daily and getting a job even with a degree is hard but is that enough reason to no longer aspire to be a man? Martin Luther king and others strived in challenges to be the men they knew they should be. Even 2pac a street thug hustled to be his own man no matter how he went about it, no one dead or alive can call him anything less.

Is laziness fashionable in the 21st century, or is it because of the unbalanced ratio of females to male that women are accepting males with male reproductive organs as men instead of waiting for a real man?

Or is it as a result that a man is a rare gem in this century and anyone who has him? Will have to fight off other women?

Lets blame the equality movements (no we cant). The women have improved but the men not so much!!!!

The most shameful, the able bodied with the male reproductive organ. I see them frequently at the city centres with their owners. What’s not obvious to the undiscerning is their invisible dog collar and chain. They follow these women everywhere and can’t leave their sight without a tracker (their mobile phones).

No wonder you don’t get dinners made for you, you are a loyal companion if you stray she will buy another dog.

A woman is a helper created to assist.  She is a queen who supports her king. Why are you making her lead? Why are you not a king?

The 21st century person with the male reproductive organ has given up on the high standards for himself, but his expectation of his female counterpart has evolved from that of the average man.

He requires a female with a minimum college degree, a job, to be well groomed, soft-spoken, and decent, a goddess in the sheets and a homemaker. His expectations has increased than that of his ancestors he requires her perfect without emotional baggage too (very funny indeed).

The 21st century female in the bid to become perfect has gradually started to loose her femininity and is becoming a man.

This Emotionally challenged and somewhat confused person with the male reproductive organ is like a fashion accessory (almost every female has one) , how does he differ from the toys sold in shops?

The toys require batteries: he requires food

Toys require casing& cleaning:  he requires shelter and pampering

Toys require participation; he require manuals on how to please (yes, judge me!)

The movie “the bounty hunter”: Milo Boyd is damaged by his wife’s leaving him that he is deep in debts and all sorts, till he gets her back, I weep).

Is this the evolution of men we admired as little girls?

Where is the masculine pride?

What the hell is wrong with waking up at 5am and hustling? Is it a dying trend?