Tales We Tell No One ..( Have you found the dress? )

Yesterday I went to the mall in search of my soul,

I searched the stores endlessly for the dress to express how I felt.

The dress that makes you digress,

Go off the route plan,

Makes you find a man with a life plan.

The dress is neither modest nor sexy,

It’s perfectly in-between.

The dress!!!

I searched for the dress forgot about my budget,

So I tried on the frilly dress and then the satin jumpsuit.

As I walked passed the sales aisle she stared at me,

Miss frumpy blue, she is Navy blue, a little above the knees and she has little embroidery details around the bosom area.

I found her.

To anyone else she was ordinary.

I wore her and I achieved emotional balance.

Miss blue sat perfectly on my slim curves and covered all my flaws.

She was all I needed and I paid for her.

As I walked past Mr nobody, I smiled.

He wouldn’t remember me though I am a beautiful woman with a blue dress on.

I will remember the attention he paid to me a bewildered look

As I had no makeup on but I glided the mall halls like it was a runway,

I found the dress and all was well in the world.

Have you found your dress?

Young happy smiling attractive hugging couple and woman looking

Perfect Imperfections

In theory, everything can be analysed. The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to any system can be accessed using SWOT, PESTLE OR Cause and effect. Is it right to do a critical analysis when you meet people? The answer in theory is yes!! And this is practised because when I walk down my street I am constantly analysing people (wow he is hot, why wont she put some more make up, smh with that face you don’t need an eyeliner!!!)

Then with the people I actually chat with, I gently probe them till I unveil the mask. This is done unconsciously yet it is done. Yet, sometimes without a full diagnostic probe I have gut feelings sometimes that a person is good.

Constantly, evaluating (its exhausting) why? Is it a fear of making a bad selection or the fear of a deep seated event recurring of being with one who I presumed good and turned out to be the opposite?

Fear, always crippling us and limiting us from achieving our best potentials. Keeping us in chains. Fear, our estranged relative who we cant seem to avoid during the holidays, fear the grade mark two points short than we imagined that makes us feel inadequate, fear of not living up to our untapped potentials.

I am perfectly imperfect, I have done a SWOT on myself and I know my weakness, I need not be reminded of my shortcomings. I remind myself daily. Yet, somehow amidst all this I feel good because in theory, analysis models are used to analyse the critical advantages of a system so as to see that if the benefits outweigh the cost and to develop the strategy for change and implementation.
 Are you drowning in your weaknesses and failing to see your strength, if you analyse this Christmas pleases start with your strength as they most definitely outweigh your weakness.

To effect change in human resource management, you must first unfreeze (change the status quo) > effect the change > then Freeze again.


This season is full of love and cheer, yet it’s filled with expectations, realities, we fear too much to not face, potentials we haven’t yet realized, dreams buried never abandoned. Yet, we forget the best part is we are here (our biggest strength), so we can improve.

So perfect or imperfect; 


Enjoy the Holidays….