Perfect Imperfections

In theory, everything can be analysed. The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to any system can be accessed using SWOT, PESTLE OR Cause and effect. Is it right to do a critical analysis when you meet people? The answer in theory is yes!! And this is practised because when I walk down my street I am constantly analysing people (wow he is hot, why wont she put some more make up, smh with that face you don’t need an eyeliner!!!)

Then with the people I actually chat with, I gently probe them till I unveil the mask. This is done unconsciously yet it is done. Yet, sometimes without a full diagnostic probe I have gut feelings sometimes that a person is good.

Constantly, evaluating (its exhausting) why? Is it a fear of making a bad selection or the fear of a deep seated event recurring of being with one who I presumed good and turned out to be the opposite?

Fear, always crippling us and limiting us from achieving our best potentials. Keeping us in chains. Fear, our estranged relative who we cant seem to avoid during the holidays, fear the grade mark two points short than we imagined that makes us feel inadequate, fear of not living up to our untapped potentials.

I am perfectly imperfect, I have done a SWOT on myself and I know my weakness, I need not be reminded of my shortcomings. I remind myself daily. Yet, somehow amidst all this I feel good because in theory, analysis models are used to analyse the critical advantages of a system so as to see that if the benefits outweigh the cost and to develop the strategy for change and implementation.
 Are you drowning in your weaknesses and failing to see your strength, if you analyse this Christmas pleases start with your strength as they most definitely outweigh your weakness.

To effect change in human resource management, you must first unfreeze (change the status quo) > effect the change > then Freeze again.


This season is full of love and cheer, yet it’s filled with expectations, realities, we fear too much to not face, potentials we haven’t yet realized, dreams buried never abandoned. Yet, we forget the best part is we are here (our biggest strength), so we can improve.

So perfect or imperfect; 


Enjoy the Holidays….


The side chic

Sometimes when you tell me things I nod, you assume you must have told me about them but you haven’t, the other times you omit a chunk of information and I act clueless because the time we spend together is always so brief and I don’t want to interrupt it with anything.

I watch your life through a kaleidoscope , your victories I cannot fully celebrate or ignore, your sorrow I caress, sometimes I think I can breach the gap between your life and mine but when I start to cross the road I see a road maintenance sign ( how convenient )

I can’t be there for you other than a few smiles and an ego boost, when you smile you light up my room but I want to share your style with my world,these walls aren’t enough.

When we are in public , I don’t know which public because your friends never seem to be there, so we meet faceless strangers and we are more distant than ever.

You say you care for me as you kiss my forehead and carry me up and spin me when I’m on my way out then why won’t you say you love me and go all out?

The confinement of my own making, accepting that you are a flawed man and one day you will realize I am more than enough for you is a childish dream.

Player that’s the modern name for you and Casanova has nothing on you because you never leave yet never stay. What do they call me ? Dumb? A fool in love?

As I sit and wait for your call,Paul comes over he hands me flowers and takes me for a walk instead of enjoying this moment I wonder why you couldn’t be him for me, I keep short changing myself because of some misconstrued impression I have of you.

The other woman, the mistress the position of power and loss, the pain of being so strong yet weak?

The holidays are here and I ask her the side chic , who are you going to spend it with? He won’t be here, he has never been.

On twitter the side chic is scorned and judged but have you stopped to think she’s just a lonely woman accepting less than what she deserves?

The holidays are here and people over the years have made decisions based on the options available to them stop judging and be a friend, make room for one more. Call her to come over, call him to come over and don’t take no for an answer.

Some people are not on the side , they have no one.

Life is short, sorrow is real but happiness is real too. Make this season memorable for someone .

I love you all, take care.