Celebration of Life..

My dad passed a few weeks ago and I have tried to pen how I feel. He was an old and very wise man who said to me about 8years ago that he would know when his time is near. The truth be told he told us his time was up and a month later he was gone from us.

Friends, colleagues and friends of friends have asked me how I feel; the answer is downcast but not downtrodden.  Some how I feel free yet I feel watched. I feel his piercing eyes when I’m about to do something wrong. I know God constantly watches us but with my dads passing I feel he is privy to me more than I would like to share. This is frightening and disconcerting. I think it has to be with my desire to get my act together in life especially my personal life and with his passing the desire to make him proud is more reinforced.

My dad was more spiritual than most, he read at least a page of a book a day and kept abreast the daily musings in the world. As a young man from a small town he braved the world and conquered it with tales of many distant lands.

Yet a Man he was flawed and all but we loved him all and in the days to come I hope we all find the peace we need.

He lived his life and this we celebrate. Dad you were and are loved from the tiniest parts of the earth to the largest parts of the continent. You are loved through family, friends, and us your kids and loved ones as you ride on angel wings. Be free papa, you stayed true to your beliefs and were never shaken, now that you can see the world beyond I hope it meets your expectation.

 I hope we meet some day at our master’s feet.

 We celebrate YOU Papa!

Oyenneke Douglas Warmate (September 20, 1934-March 29, 2013). 

Rest in Peace.