Sitting at her desk, As a sales  person sitting isn’t really a big part of her job but she had to sit as she thought of him.  Miles with his perfect caramel skin, broad shoulders, his perfectly chiseled facial bones , his lips that seemed like they could ignite fire if they touched any part of her body, the innocence that radiates from his eyes when he smiles , she gasped  and let out a  soft mmmh from her soft lips as they parted.  smiled . She Wants and when Laura Andrew wants she usually gets .( a tiny voice in her head said not this time, she brushed it off).

Work has been a nightmare recently , she woke up to work & slept to the thoughts of work .  she hadn’t had drinks for weeks now and her legs were a mess . she hadn’t shaved in weeks . wow!!!  no wonder he blew me off ( she thought about miles a lot )  He hadn’t called after their surprised meet. she needed moral support and decided to call sally to her rescue.

Sally heard the vibrations on her desk but she could reach for the phone in this position. Her back was arched against her desk, her pencil skirt almost invisible and brain was having her for breakfast . Ahhh , she said but the phone wont stop ringing, she looked down at brain and said” darl, would you be a dear and pass me the phone?” he looked dazzled, “really now? ” he said and she smiled . As he passed her the phone he started to adjust his shirt  in a manner that said I have some dignity left  but in true sally fashion she said “rain check? ” and answered the phone.

“Hey you, sup? I was in the middle of my lunch break , this had better be important girl..” sally said. As Laura began the tale of Miles she listened to her friend and fiddled  with her pencil skirt , damn I may be adding weight .

Laura  had grown up in a middle class family , with a father who doted on her and her sister and cheated on her mother every second he had. she was raised as a good catholic girl and every now and again rewarded for  being the stunner of the family. Laura didn’t understand rejection or disappointment , she had used her looks to get her through college and her job. and guys loved Laura so this miles was a problem and no one handles a crisis worse than Laura.” Have  you called him ?” sally asked .

No , she hadn’t . She had never had to chase a man but this seemed interesting . Immediately she got into her apartment , she let her dress fall in the sitting room, she took off the panty hose and her undies while she took a piss. She got into the shower to take of her  legs , and it felt good to be a lady again. she then entered into  her bath tub and let all  bubbles from the olay take over her and let in the thoughts of miles  creep all over her and with every sponge she sponged to him and it came as no surprised that she came to completion to the thoughts of him . She had Gotye playing in the background so  it took a while for her to hear her ring tone. when she did she stretched out her arms from the bath to pick up the phone & saw it was him … Miles..


To be continued ******



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