Hey babe,

Like dark chocolate , the bitter sweet phase of the relationship is here. I used to get tired by how often you called. You would facetime , Skype , text, bb and whatsapp me about the tiniest details in your day. The days have started to go by when we hardly chat at each other. How do i know its just a phase ? a rough patch couples go through when life gets in the way ?

Im i supposed to keep trying so you notice i am still here or should i cut my losses and disappear.  I call you and i dont hear the excitement in your voice and i know we are miles apart but what kind of relationship cant stand a little rough patch?

I keep telling everyone i meet about you and show them pictures of our life .. Today it seems like a lot of lifetimes ago. Babe, I need you to need me. I need us to try if this is worth fighting for.

Till date i have never loved any as hard as i love you . Yet, it seems that somewhere in your mind you are giving up on us. I am torn between my heart and my head. swoon in and ease my fears. Be the predator i love.

Crush these doubts to bits and be my knight with shining armour( this sounds ridiculous)  . I miss us and as days pass i fear there are darker days ahead.

Come back home to me baby. Come home, Mummy needs you , I need you..

your lover,


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