My Husband


My husband has led several topics of conversations among ladies, girls and women. My husband did that or did this; my husband should or would do this. The fairy-tale concept of prince charming is rapidly dying and the husband is the new myth. The husband is the man that makes other women envy you. He is the man with a plan, He can make great decisions and he looks great in and out of a suit, tolerates your friends, loves your family and loves you to bits? Really? I want one of those?


Who is my husband? I keep wondering and as 2013 approaches I look around to all the men in my life starting from my father down to my brother and all the boyfriends, toasters and love interests I have ever had and now I define my husband.


He is my friend, we laugh at weird jokes because we both have a twisted sense of humour, my husband is bright but who am I kidding he’s not an astronaut. I don’t want any one too full of themselves like Sheldon cooper (big bang theories addict LOL).


My husband is bigger than the average man because he’s not afraid to be with a woman who challenges him and inspires him to do better. A man who is not easily deterred. He is a caregiver and in the sac he’s a lion and a mouse. He’s not afraid of baby poo or to make a meal. He knows that despite the side of the clock I will always be by his side.


We make big bucks together and if challenges happen it will makes us stronger. When its time to have fun we party like rock stars. Our children are blessed because they are raised to fear God and believe his word. My husband is the best. I get it now ah ha that’s why those women keep bragging about their husbands? (It’s not to make us single ones sad?  Really…) 


I will enjoy these single days with no bragging rights because I know someday I will bore some young people with amazing tales of my soul mate and my husband (I like the sound of that…. my husband, bbm smiley face …xox)


2013 here I come….





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